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What is this?

An easy way to find a group of cool people to hang out with at SXSW Interactive 2013. You’ll never feel like a hanger-on to someone else’s group again. 

A great reference source for recommendations and tips as you navigate the chaos that is SXSW Interactive.

Networking made easy.

What isn't this?

A singles hookup. For that, you’ll be wanting to check out #sxsingle. Totally different thing.

Overly complicated. You sign up. We give you info, tips and organize some meet-ups. We all have a great SXSW experience.

Who's it for?

Anyone coming to SXSW Interactive solo.

Anyone coming to SXSW Interactive with co-workers, but would like to meet new people. 

Anyone from the worlds of marketing, brands, agencies, startups or wherever. All are welcome. 

Why are you doing it?

  • As a posse of one, there was no pre-set group to hang with. 

  • No one to show you the ropes.
  • No one to tell you which panels are worth checking out. 

  • No one to venture to cheezy parties with. 
  • No one to tell you that you need to RSVP in advance in order to get into the cheezy parties in the first place.

Last year, Hyper Island sent just one person to SXSW. It was amazing, inspiring and absolutely overwhelming, but...

Even if you know a lot of other folks heading to the festival, it’s easy to feel like an outsider when they’re hanging out with a group of people from their company. 

We figured this must be a common problem. So if you’re coming solo, please join us. 

Signing up is easy

Every day during the festival, we'll organize several meet-ups. Plus we'll share handy tips to make your Austin experience awesome. This is free. And there's no commitment for you to actually show up to anything just because you joined the email list – but we hope you will. Hope to see you in Austin.

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